While others were buying new things for self or family and putting on airs in the spirit of Christmas, Hon. Dr. Pat Asadu was engrossed in thoughts on how to lift his people from the dust of unemployment and poverty. As is characteristic of him, it was not only entirely about the conventional distribution of bags of rice. You might rush to the conclusion that he didn’t do that. He knew that it was important too and had in a feat of remarkable generosity distributed a truckload of rice to the men and women of his constituency.
Dr Pat Asadu is however very philosophical and systematic with his public conducts. He knows the grave ill in distributing fishes only. Perhaps, Pat was with Martin Luther King the day he said that philanthropy should go beyond flinging coins to the needy to overhauling and restructuring of the social edifice which produces needy people. Pat is in earnest about restructuring and totally overhauling the social edifice keeping some of his people down.
The seat of Igboeze South Local Government was crammed with human beings on the 21st of December. It was Dr. Pat Asadu’s Annual Youth and Women Empowerment Programme. The spacious hall in the local government was bursting to its full capacity with bright-faced would-be beneficiaries. Religious and community leaders of all faiths were conspicuously present. The great event equally called the chairmen of both Igboeze South and Nsukka local governments out of their schedules.
The two council chairmen were outspokenly proud of and grateful to Pat. They noted in their speeches that since getting elected into the federal house of representatives, Dr Pat Asadu have always shouldered the greater chunk of their responsibilities in the two local governments. That his support for the local governments has been regular, large-handed and unbroken. Unanimously, they pledged their support to the good man and prayed God to bless him.
After they spoke, Dr Pat took the stage amid thunderous, earth-shaking ovation. In his habitual serenity and calm intelligence, he told his people that he would have gladly secured white collar jobs for all of them if such were available. He remarked that only a new visitor from the Mars would feign not to understand the economic situation in the country. That notwithstanding, he firmly promised not to relent. He is, however, for the time being, seeking alternatives by funding entrepreneurial undertakings and encouraging talents. His high-witted speech ended with the transperant distribution of startup funds to about seven hundred men and women. That was how Pat began his Christmas celebration.
A man in the high echelons of the House Politics, his constituents were proud to see Dr Asadu in the thick of things as Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara celebrated his 50th year on earth in far away Abuja on the 26th of December even late into the night. Such is the capacity of this Medical Doctor turned politician that he would spend the 26th with the high and mighty in Abuja on 26th into the small hrs of the night and be at the Government field Nsukka by 10am to mingle and celebrate with his local folks.
The 27th of December saw Dr Pat continuing the celebration. It was the grand finale of the Gburugburu Continuity Unity Football Tournament. The 3rd place Match was played in the morning but Dr Pat had managed to be present that early, all the way from Abuja.
You need not be told again that Dr. Pat is the Chief sponsor of this huge tournament. The final battle was between the teams of Alor Agu of Igboeze South and Agbamere / Umabor of Nsukka local government. Alor Agu clinched the trophy on penalties after a pulsating goalless match and hence the whooping cash prize of one million naira.

The climax of the finale was a fun-filled party again singularly – footed by Dr. Pat for his people. Thousands ate, drank and were merry courtesy of this unusual rep.!!.
The idea behind the tournament was beyond the bubble it generated. It was equally more than the handsome cash prizes dished out to successful teams and players. Commitment to the re-election of our performing governor does not answer it all. Through it, Dr. Pat was trying to make more fishermen out of his people. In all factuality, it was a talent-hunt per se. No wonder Dr. Asadu spared no funds in bringing in players, Coaches and the Team Manager of Rangers International, Enugu as well as other scouts from major clubs in Nigeria to hunt for talents at this tournament. No good citizen is happy that our people aren’t thriving in the sports industry. It pains and depresses Pat a great deal from his speeches and investments on this huge tournament. Plans are currently in top gear to secure the passage of discovered talents into both Nigerian and top European football academies and / or clubs.
This party was also a platform for Dr Asadu to empower a generation of youths; both male and female and widows. No wonder so many are praying for this philanthropist of a man to continue his good works way beyond 2019.

That was how Dr Pat Asadu, the outspoken and indomitable member representing the fortunate people of Nsukka\Igboeze South Federal Constituency spent this season. In the preceding 2016 season, Dr.Dr. Pat as he is popularly called spent the entire Xmas season offering totally free Medical and Surgical treatment to his people. He paid bills for thousands of patients from his constituency. What a representative!!

And his new year 2018 is getting similarly planned. It seems as if he does not wish to pause for even a second. The Pat Asadu’s Schools Challenge is in the offing for the new year. Pupils in primary schools, students in secondary schools and undergraduates in tertiary institutions are the expected beneficiaries. Brilliant and hardworking students from his constituency would further have their morale boosted by the award of scholarships from the package. So also is a new free medical treatment for the infirm.
Thank you Dr Pat Asadu. The Bible is seldom wrong. The inspired author of the Holy Book was perfectly correct in writing that the people rejoice when the righteous are in power. Dr Pat is a righteous man. He is in power. The people are rejoicing. May you spend more Christmases like this one.

Ezugwu Okike

Ezugwu Okike Esq…a young attorney and writer writes from Opi


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