Hon. Dr Pat Asadu is being unfairly attacked and vilified by some hired people. Certain things are apperant from all these : the attackers are being economical with the truth. The attacks too cannot be mistaken for unselfish political agitation. It is the bold, unmistakable handwriting of turn-by-turn politicians who have no manifesto or any other rational justification for seeking office other than that ” the other person have gone and it is now our turn”.

Nobody quarrels with anybody’s ambition. This is a free society — a democracy under God and the rule of law. Consequently, any unrestricted citizen has unfetterd right to aspire to any position of their choice. But it is morally reprehensible and even illegal to do so riding on the crest of character assassination and acrimonious politics.

Dr Pat Asadu has not by words of mouth or body language tried to stop anybody from aspiring to the office he now occupies. But obviously afraid of his antecedent and escalating popularity, a cotorie of online fighters have been assembled and salaried to sling mud at a good man and impeach his tall and spotless reputation. This method is strange, condemnable and foreign to the politics of Enugu state which over the years has managed to be devoid of bitterness.

These hired attackers have been prolific with lies. One of such falsehoods is that Dr Pat cannot account for his years in the Federal House of Representatives. Beyond every shadow of doubt, Dr. Pat has done marvelously well. He has been everything you want in a representative.

Not more than a year ago, this unfairly attacked Dr. Pat spent up to 70million naira to bring the National Open University Study to his constituensy. Friend of history would know that since the return of democracy, no senator or house of Representatives member has made a more tangible achievement. This foresighted achievement has opened a flood gate of opportunities. These armchair critics and hate campaigners who ensconce somewhere to dish out uninvestigated lies should spare time to undertake a tour of the centre. This article was not intended to catalogue his achievements but suffice it to say that his record in youth and people empowerment has been impressive and rarely matched. All these Dr Pat strives to do regardless of the fact that the position he occupies is not an executive one. While he may be reasonably expected to make material impacts on his constituency ( which he has been consistent in doing) it is unreasonable to equate him to a state government and expect him to build bridges and dredge oceans.

It high time politics stopped being primitive and bitter. Anybody who hankers to go to the house of reps should prepare his manifesto and talk to the masses. Dr Pat is a thoroughbred democrat and gentleman. He is yet unindicted in politics of intimidation. People should leave him out of their ambition. Dr. Pat is not proscribed under any law, precedent or democratic tradition from seeking re-election. Likewise, any adult Nigerian who is sound of mind, firm and unbarred under any law is free to aspire to any office.

What is happening in Nsukka-Igboeze South is akin to what happened in Nigeria during the run up to the 2015 presidential election. The popular sentiment was that Jonathan be booted out and crucified. It has always been greener yonder. People haboured the false hope of a Messiah who has the Midas touch to eradicate the country’s ills by a single stroke. Ultimately, Jonathan got the boot. What I cannot tell you now is how we have been enjoying our new Messiah. The wisdom of fathers has it that a man is not in a position to make comparison until he marries two wives.

Dr. Pat Asadu has shown intelligence; high sense of responsibility and empathy. These turn-by-turn activists only see public offices as spoils of war. I see no reason why Dr. Pat should not again test his popularity


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