Why all the fuss about Hon. Asadu?

Spare a thought about this truth as it concerns the South-East alone...


Anambra State has one fourth term Honourable member already aspiring for the 5th term. Her name is Linda Ikpeazu.

Ebonyi has one third termer in Hon. Sylvester Ogbaga. He’s going for the fourth.

Abia State has three 3rd term members aspiring for 4th term in the House of Reps or who want to step up to the Senate… Nkeiru Onyejeocha, Nnena Elendu Ukeje and Uzoma Nkem Abonta

Enugu has Dr. Pat Asadu as the only third termer aspiring for 4th in the House .
Enugu also has a 4th term senator, Barr.
Ike Ekweremadu aspiring for 5th term!!!

And you begin to wonder why some people vow to go to war to stop Dr. Pat Asadu by mainly foul means!. They don’t even think he can exercise his right to run; either to win or lose. This is not democracy.

Yet; they have not recognised God in their opposition. There are benefits and reasons why other constituencies favour their representatives to go back. Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South will reap such quantum benefits too. So, let nobody play God. By His grace, we shall overcome!!!


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