2019: “….If It’s Not Emeka Igwe, It Can’t Be Anyone Else !!!”, …ndi Awka South 1 Declared

He pulls crowd...he has clout



Emmanuel Aniagoh

When he speaks his people listen…his dreams and visions for his people are in tandem with their needs and aspirations.

Awka South 1 Constituency will never remain the same again…the call to have Hon. Emeka Igwe (Nnayelugo Awka), as the outstanding representative of the people at the State House of Assembly is SACROSANCT.

They know he can do better… They know he’s over qualified…They know his background… They know he’s grounded…They know he’s the complete package.

Leaders with unquestionable character, leaders with history of qualitative contributions to the society, leaders with a humane side and empathy, are the ones we should strongly stand behind and give our support to.

No one has faulted and will fault the emergence nor the credibility of Hon. Emeka Igwe. Even perceived opponents, are speaking good of him except for fact that he is loved by all.

A moment with Emeka Igwe and you will never remain the same again after the encounter. Very precise, well compose and articulative.

This young man his imbued with creative ideas and when he talks about his mission and plan to inspire and empower the people, one will begin to see the unfettered love this philanthropist has for them.

If it is not Emeka Igwe, it can’t be anyone else !!!



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