Update: Russian Authority Found Kanu’s Stolen Money


Nigeria legend Nwankwo Kanu has told reporters of his shock at the theft of $11,000 from his luggage at Kaliningrad, but added that he was relieved at how quickly the issue was resolved by Russian law enforcement.

The former Arsenal star was in the city to take part in a World Cup promotional game between FIFA Legends and the Russia Legends, to open the World Cup Football Park in the city.

“As soon as I got to the hotel and opened my suitcase, I knew something was wrong,” the former Arsenal striker told reporters. “When I opened the second bag, it was the same thing, I was in shock.”

Kanu, who was travelling with his wife Amara, said he immediately informed the authorities before heading off to the pitch for the game, which the FIFA Legends won 6-4

“Throughout the game, they were keeping me updated with their progress. That is how I knew they had found those responsible for it.”

The stolen money was returned to the Nigerian on his way back home the next day and Kanu says he will have no qualms returning to the city when the Super Eagles open their World Cup campaign there against Croatia on June 16

“I was impressed by the way they handled everything. It didn’t even take up to one day. In some places, they might have been going round and round and nothing would come out of it,” he added.

But these guys were very professional and I am relieved that they resolved everything so quickly.

“That should give anyone coming here confidence.

“Kaliningrad is a beautiful city and I look forward to coming back here to watch our team play against Croatia.”


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