2019: Emeka Igwe Set To Amend Years Of Inadequate Representation in Awka South Constituency A


Who will repair the fallen bridge of accountability that binds the electorates and their representative in Awka South Constituency A?

Who will give substance and a whole new face to leadership and amend years of inadequate representation in Awka South Constituency A ?

Who will make it a point of service to visit and consult with ndi Awka South Constituency A, have offices in all the wards and organise town hall meetings quarterly, because he/she believes power reside with the people ?

Who will give ndi Awka South Constituency A something they’ve been missing for the past 3 years or so – a true constituency Project – a signature project ?

Awka is the capital of Anambra State and it is pertinent ndi Awka South Constituency A, have a representative who will compliments the effort of the Governor, in ensuring that the City continue to get the proper development befitting its status.

Awka South Constituency A is evolving and the people, having realise that Awka and Okpuno can attain much greater height under a trusted and tasted leader, are clamouring for something new.

Hon. Emeka Igwe is not saying he’s Saviour….NO NO NO

He is simply saying, he is a true son whose heart beats for his people…

He is saying, he understand the shortsightedness of the present leadership and want to bring something new…

He is saying that in this 21st century, representation should be inclusive…

He is saying that Awka South Constituency A needs to build it youths and engage them meaningfully.

It was from Emeka Igwe, we know that ndi Awka South Constituency A, are yet to truly access their full entitlements and benefits. They have been hoodwinked, receiving absolutely nothing in the name of Constituency projects.

Plenty water have gone down the bridge and thanks to Emeka Igwe, the people now know better.

Tell me why Emeka Igwe won’t be the preferred choice?

He is young, smart and outstanding. He has empathy. His selfless philanthropic works span almost a decade of given back to the Society.

Where there is a community need, there, you will find Emeka Igwe. A major APGA stakeholder, who is one of the major financier from Awka South, during the Governor’s election campaign November 2017.

Emeka Igwe definitely represent a new breed of leadership, his audacity for a better Awka South can never be questioned or quantified.

Ndi Awka Constituency A are solidly behind Nnayelugo Awka, no doubt…he’s a leader made for the present times !!!

So Ndi Awka South Constituency A, Emeka Igwe is saying…Let’s VIE… Volunteer… Inspire… Empower

He is Vincent Igwe Emeka (VIE)


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