Saraki: I’m Surprised By Supreme Court Judgement – Prof. Sagay


Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, Prof. Itse Sagay, SAN, has reacted to the Supreme Court ruling that cleared Senate President, Bukola

Saraki of assets declaration charges at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT.

The senior lawyer said he was shocked by the court’s decision.

Sagay also said he needed to see the evidence and the law applied by the court in its ruling.

The professor of law, who spoke with Vanguard, said, “The answer is not what I can comment on meaningfully and rationally because I have not read it.

“It is a technical thing, one has to see the evidence and the law the court applied before one can pass any judgement.

“So, I am waiting to get a summary of the judgement at least to have an idea.

“The only thing is that I am a little bit surprised at the decision, but that is nothing when you haven’t seen the evidence, the legal arguments the court used to arrive at its decision.

So, I can’t say anything right now.”

Asked if he suspected a foul play in the verdict, he added, “Even if I suspect it, I will never say it on phone but I don’t know.

“I am just surprised but at times, only those who have details can come to an accurate decision.

“I don’t want to jump into any conclusion because I have not read it.”


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